The concept of the smart city has been steadily gaining traction in the 21st century. From humble beginnings, where technology providers such as Cisco and IBM considered ways their innovations could make cities more automated and sustainable, we’re ........

The designer of Sydney’s famous harbour bridge, Dr JJC Bradfield, also designed Sydney’s rail system, but his lofty vision for a metro rail network rivalling that of London or New York could never be realised in the low-density city of a century ........

While toll roads have traditionally funded new infrastructure projects, there are other alternatives - such as use-related pricing mechanisms for all roads - which can be equally effective.
Toll roads in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane historically have been a response to government's desires to improve infrastructure through participation of the private sector. This served to remove debt from state government accounts while opening up o ........

Road marking – it’s a critically important part of major roadworks, but it’s sometimes lost amid the breathless excitement that often accompanies the physical construction of new roads. Dean Crutchfield is the former Chief Executive Officer of ........

Bernard Salt
Almost a decade ago, in response to the millennium drought, there was heated debate within Australia about water supply. Today, the issue is the provision of reliable and affordable baseload power to our major cities. Instead of relying on emergency ........

The Queensland Government is partnering with global giants such as Boeing and Shell along with small to medium enterprises to develop remotely piloted aircraft systems – innovative partnerships that have sky-high potential for local industries. ........

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Darwin Airport purchase jet fuel storage facility

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