The Victorian Government will trial new technology on Melbourne’s Monash Freeway that can change speed limits according to live traffic conditions.

Victorian Minister for Roads Luke Donnellan welcomed the beginning of the Dynamic Speed Trial, which, in an Australian first, will allow speed limits to change in response to road conditions, such as an increase or decrease in traffic volumes, weather conditions and the time of day.

The innovative approach to speed management uses the existing technology including CCTV, road sensors and overhead electronic signs to change speed limits when conditions allow, not just if there are road works or a collision.

The six month pilot will trial three different phases. Phase one will vary speeds at night, phase two will include night and off-peak periods such as weekends and phase three will run 24-hours a day, including peak periods.

The trial will operate on the Monash Freeway, between High Street in Ashburton and Glenferrie Road in Toorak and will mean that when safe to do so, speeds can increase from 80 km/h to 100 km/h.

Mr Donnellan said, “We’re using existing technology so we can be smarter about the way we manage traffic on the Monash.

“We’re making the speed on the Monash reflective of the conditions meaning that when it is safe to do so, motorists will be able to travel at 100km/h.”

If successful, the technology may be rolled out across other managed motorways across Melbourne.

Results from the trial will be independently examined and used to help inform future decisions around speed.

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