The Federal and New South Wales governments signed the nation’s largest planning and investment partnership which will create 100,000 jobs and deliver more housing and improved transport for outer Western Sydney.

The Western Sydney City Deal sets out how the governments will work together to make metropolitan and regional New South Wales more liveable, including driving a new economy in the areas immediately around the Western Sydney Airport, and the broader western region.

The Western Sydney City Deal pledges to:

  • Target additional infrastructure investment to increase public transport and reduce traffic congestion, so people can spend more time with their families
  • Deliver more jobs closer to homes and services, with a focus on youth and indigenous Training and skills development
  • Increase housing through better planning and density done well, and streamlining approvals across all three levels of government
  • Support clean air, green spaces, vibrant arts and cultural initiatives

An expected 9,000 jobs will be created by the Western Sydney Airport by the early 2030s and a further 60,000 jobs in the coming decades.

Joint commonwealth, state and local government investment is expected to establish tens of thousands of jobs in the surrounding region.

These jobs will be in aviation-related services, but also in sectors such as  security, education and training, catering, retail, warehousing, administration, communications and ICT.

Rapid growth in health, education, and logistics and advanced manufacturing in outer Western Sydney and southwest Sydney, has the potential to become thriving new job precincts.

The construction of the airport is expected to generate $1.9 billion for the local economy, with a further $400 million across the rest of Sydney.

As the population increases, this new deal will help build the additional new homes and create the new jobs required to support the growth.

Mr Turnbull said Australia would leverage its investments and use the strength of coordination across governments and the private sector to achieve these targets.

Mr Turnbull said Western Sydney would be a perfect example of a 30-minute city – if the 30 per cent of workers who currently commute for work can be encouraged to take jobs closer to home.

Mr Turnbull said strong collaboration across governments, local councils, the private sector and local communities was essential to the success of City Deals, with the selection of future deals to be undertaken through a competitive process.

A mayoral roundtable will be held on the Western Sydney City Deal in coming weeks, to include representatives from all local governments in the west and southwestern districts of Western Sydney.

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