The Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) and its technical advisers have selected a new location for the Metro Tunnel’s Domain Station, which was moved due to the heritage of the previous location.

The Domain Station will now be located directly below St Kilda Road.

The MMRA ruled out a suggestion to move the station into the Shrine Reserve due to significant impacts on permanent transport outcomes and on the Shrine’s heritage values.

A Shrine station would require the removal of 136 trees in the reserve and deliver fewer long-term transport benefits.

The preferred station location for Domain is the result of investigations, design and planning by engineers, transport modellers and other experts with experience on rail tunnels and other infrastructure projects in Australia and around the world.

Works will be staged and St Kilda Road temporarily reconfigured for up to three years to enable trams, vehicles and cyclists to keep moving until the full road surface can be reinstated.

In line with the approach to date, efforts are continuing to further minimise temporary impacts on traffic, trees and the amenity of the precinct during construction.

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