The South Australian State Government has released a report by Aurecon that investigates what caused damage to the structure of the pedestrian and cycling path over South Road at Glandore.

The report found that the incident can be attributed to a failure in the design of the pedestrian and cycling path.

The path was built under a design and construct contract with the Government in 2009 by McConnell Dowell, and was designed for McConnell Dowell by engineering firm AECOM, and certified by Wallbridge and Gilbert Consulting and Engineers.

Copies of the report were provided to the consortium of companies which designed and built the path.

Discussions have commenced with all parties to develop an effective solution. They will have an opportunity to respond after which the State Government will deal with issues of liability.

Separately, Aurecon has also been tasked with designing a permanent solution for the pedestrian and cycling path, as well as to conduct a comprehensive review of the Government bridge maintenance and inspection regimes.

Now that the cause of the fault has been identified, works to remove the anti-throw screens on the northern side of the overpass and the development of a design solution to return the cycling and pedestrian path to full working order have commenced.

The cycling and pedestrian path, and the anti-throw screens, were always included as part of the project detailed in the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure’s 2008 Submission to the Public Works Committee.


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