Whitsunday Regional Council (QLD) is seeking tenders for an upgrade to the Whitsunday Coast Airport runway.

The Whitsunday Airport pavement system was developed many years ago for much smaller aircraft than it currently operates.

A number of localised pavement failures have required deep patching and the pavement is deteriorating. The surface is also aged and a maintenance overlay is due, regardless of the need to strengthen the pavement.

This project aims to increase the strength of the pavement sufficiently for the ongoing safe operation of current and future aircraft. This is intended to be performed by the insitu foamed bitumen stabilisation of the existing pavement and a structural asphalt overlay.

The Contract Administration Consultant will be responsible for providing administrative assistance to council, with the execution of the contract, coordination of the design phase, attendance on site during the construction phase and administration during the defects period.

Submissions to tender close 31 March 2017.

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