stramm1Ground engineering and asset preservation specialist, Mainmark, has made a world-first structural analysis technology developed in the US available in Australia and New Zealand.

Structural Risk Assessment and Management (STRAAM) is the most effective way to pinpoint structural damage and stability issues in real time to mitigate risk and enhance safety for the construction, property, public infrastructure and insurance industries.

Developed by global pioneer in dynamic structural monitoring, Dr Alan Jeary, STRAAM measures the unique dynamic signature, or ‘heartbeat’, of any above-ground structure.

It works by using non-destructive ground monitors to conduct a Structural-Cardiograph (SCG) to measure the vibrations that occur in response to environmental factors. This establishes the building’s dynamic signature and provides real-time reports that accurately assess the stiffness of a structure and changes in its capacity due to subsidence, ageing, earthquake damage or other activity.

Tim Pope, Chief Operating Officer at Mainmark said, “Real-time structural analysis can indicate causes of structural damage, likely risk of further damage and overall structural stability. This provides crucial information for the construction, property, public infrastructure and insurance industries.

“The data can be used to prepare insurance policies and claims, enhance occupant safety, navigate litigation, improve asset management, and help to make communities and buildings more resilient to natural disasters.”

staam2STRAAM technology uses full-scale, non-destructive testing and reporting to measure structural integrity for a range of applications and circumstances. For example, it provides:

  • The construction industry with an assessment of dilapidation risk for adjoining properties
  • Engineers and architects with an analytically accurate starting point for engineering design
  • Building owners and commercial property investors with evidence that an asset is structurally healthy and fit for use
  • Insurers with an understanding of inherent risks of insured assets
  • Building commissioners with evidence of whether a structure has been built to code and performance specifications
  • Dam and bridge asset owners with confidence in the structure’s ongoing integrity and usefulness
  • Local councils with information and insights to manage assets more strategically for better return on investment
  • Facility managers with building information to make smarter decisions, faster, after structural events or natural disasters

The technology is extremely accurate and fast. Rapid baseline measurements can be produced in a matter of hours and comprehensive reports, featuring three-dimensional modelling, can be accessed online.

The system can be used to take a one-off reading or remain connected to the building to monitor movement over a period of time such as during construction or in a seismic environment

Mainmark is the exclusive distributor for STRAAM technologies in Australia and New Zealand.

This partner content is brought to you by Mainmark. For more information, visit

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