A new campaign by Transport for NSW will focus on attracting more women into transport careers, especially in senior roles.

“Transport has traditionally been a male dominated sector, which is an outdated hangover from an era when steam trains ruled the railways,” a spokesperson said.

“We’ve come a long way from the mid-1970s when the railways first offered traineeships for female engine drivers.

“It’s time for us to move into modern times and recognise the benefits of increasing female representation across the board in our workforce, particularly at senior levels.

“Transport’s so much more than blokes and big machines. It doesn’t matter what your gender is, if the job interests you and you have what it takes – we want to hear from you”.

At present, 25.5 per cent of senior roles across Transport for NSW are held by women, up from about 21 per cent in January 2016 when an initial campaign commenced.

Transport for NSW is now building on this base with a campaign focusing on everything the organisation can offer women, including opportunities to develop career paths, flexible working arrangements to balance life and work, and the organisation’s focus on respect and equity.

As Deputy Secretary, Freight Strategy and Planning, Clare Gardiner-Barnes is one of the most senior executives in Transport for NSW.

“When I first started with Transport for NSW a couple of years ago, it was amazing to see the breadth of projects being undertaken across the cluster,” said Ms Gardiner-Barnes.

“It’s terrific to see the growing energy, passion and accountability being driven to grow the diversity of our workforce, particularly the importance of women in senior leadership positions.

“There is a real commitment by the senior executive to ensure that decisions are influenced by many senior women with diverse perspectives.”

The new commercials will be released in June 2017.

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