Federal and State budget announcements have fueled debate on the optimal funding and financing solutions for vital national infrastructure.  

Global engineering and infrastructure advisory firm Aurecon has said state Governments remain the primary originators of infrastructure projects, however, the infrastructure community remains polarised over the role of the Federal Government in promoting its ‘nation building’ and ‘smart cities’ agenda.

Aurecon’s Global CEO Giam Swiegers said, “We are seeing this issue playing out across the world with Governments being forced to prioritise investment, in their ‘better cities agenda’, while seeking to stimulate economic development, and job creation, as well as poverty alleviation and improvements in land use.

“Navigating these mounting challenges requires far more than infrastructure design. We’re seeing a heightened demand for technical solutions that drive optimal commercial as well as socio-economic outcomes for clients and communities alike.”

To oversee client-focused, innovative solutions to the Australian State and Federal Government projects as they tackle the current and future infrastructure challenges, Leading public infrastructure expert Aneetha de Silva has been appointed Aurecon’s new Managing Director, Government.

Ms De Silva has been tasked with establishing a deep understanding of Aurecon’s Government clients’ needs and working closely with its global team of engineers and infrastructure advisors to resolve challenges.

Ms De Silva believes that there is tremendous scope for Aurecon to add value to its Government clients at this critical time for the infrastructure sector.


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