The leading wireless condition monitoring platform explicitly designed for rail, infrastructure and mining applications is now sold and supported in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia by Position Partners.


With a reputation for delivering highly accurate and industrially resilient solutions in some of the UK’s most challenging construction and engineering projects, Senceive’s wireless and mains power free monitoring technology is now available in Oceania from Position Partners.

“No matter how large or complex the job, Senceive’s FlatMesh technology can be tailored to create a highly reliable and cost-effective solution,” said Heath Low, Position Partners Business Development Manager for monitoring applications.

“Having successfully installed Senceive on a number of projects in Australia, we are confident this technology is ideally suited to our local markets and that we have the skills and expertise to support customers with all their condition monitoring needs.”

Unlike optical prism-based monitoring solutions, Senceive sensors require very little maintenance or technical support and have a battery life of up to 15 years. The system can also be rapidly installed and deployed, with patented fixings that can be used on any structure including track bed, tunnels, bridges, embankments and mine sites.

“A good example of just how easy and robust this system was to deploy, is in the monitoring of busy tunnels for London Underground (LU),” Mr Low said.

“One particular project illustrates this particularly well. On one 100m section with two tunnels, LU needed to monitor in ‘real time’ and in a highly precise and stable manner, the impact of urgent and extensive repair work needed due to soil erosion and cavities created by water leakages in the tunnels.

“Work had to be conducted in very short four-hour maintenance windows at night,” Mr Low said.

“Hundreds of nodes had to be deployed in a matter of minutes at the start of the shift and then moved as works progressed along the tunnels. Senceive is the only system on the market that could excel in those conditions. This hugely successful and award winning project has led to many other deployments in both LU and national UK rail assets. There are today more than 5,000 sensors deployed on the UK rail network alone.”

With a range of geotechnical sensors available to suit the project requirements, Senceive FlatMesh can use either solar powered cellular network to provide a totally mains power and wire free solution, or an industrially resilient USB-based data monitoring hub communication.

The latter required where systems are underground and cannot access solar power. All transmit highly accurate repeatable movement data back to the office in real time or whatever remotely changeable reporting rates may be required.

The web-based data access system WebMonitor, provides easy to use and highly user-friendly monitoring information to users anywhere in the world on laptops or phones through secure password access. Featuring fully configurable trigger levels and email or SMS alerts, comprehensive reporting tools and network visualisation via maps and images, WebMonitor eliminates the need to install and maintain software and per-user licences.

Available now from Position Partners branches throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, visit or call 1300 867 266 to discuss your next project.

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