Introducing the SL 2 Subcompact Vacuum Lifting System from Vacuworx. The new name for the popular SS 2, which debuted in February 2016, is a small change but the company feels it is best for positioning the product as it continues to gain interest around the world and is being utilised with more diverse host machines.

de59715f-7140-40ee-b82b-10141b6cf55cThe “ultimate skid steer attachment” was originally developed to meet the needs of a specific road plate application. Since being introduced at World of Concrete, the integrated system has been met with widespread interest and enthusiasm in various industries.

It was the first product introduced in the growing lineup of Compact Equipment Attachments from Vacuworx. For concrete construction and demolition contractors in particular, the SL 2 is changing the game, offering the perfect solution to common jobsite restrictions such as loud noise, debris and vibration. The innovative vacuum lifting system has also proven effective for work inside buildings, tunnels and mines.

The original nomenclature, while synonymous with speed and performance in the US, could potentially meet with resistance as the company expands its efforts in the European market.

According to Vacuworx President and CEO, Bill Solomon, “We feel it is prudent to change the name at this early stage in the product life. The performance of the SL 2 is exactly the same (as the SS 2), and for now no alterations have been made to the product itself.”

The Contractor’s MVP

Lightweight and extremely versatile, the SL 2 features all-aluminum construction. Weighing just 98 lb (without mounting plate), the vacuum lifting system has a lifting capacity up to 2,700 lb (1.25 tonne).

The patent pending design features quick-connect hydraulic hoses and a factory pre-set flow control valve to ensure optimal performance.

There are two mounting assembly options depending on the host machine: mini/walk behind subcompact equipment or standard skid steer-type machines.

The SL 2 is also compatible with small excavators, backhoes and cranes using the clevis hook connection.

The SL 2 operates using the auxiliary hydraulics from the host machine (minimum 10 GPM required with maximum 3,000 PSI).

The vacuum pump maintains a constant vacuum in the pressure reservoir. When activated, the system pulls a vacuum between the integrated 24” x 24” vacuum pad and the object to be lifted, providing a powerful positive seal.

Vacuworx Tough Seal pad seal is used on the vacuum pad to cover the material to be lifted and create the necessary suction. The vacuum seal holds until the operator activates the release (even in the event of a power failure).

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