The Australian Airports Association (AAA) has launched a new online education program, ‘Airside Safety Essentials’, which will enable aerodrome employees to recognise airside safety risks that can be encountered in daily activities.  

AAA CEO, Caroline Wilkie, said that the course is designed to equip the aerodrome employees with the skills and knowledge to undertake a risk management process in order to identify hazards and implement risk control practices.

The Airside Safety Essentials course has three modules including Managing Airside Safety; Aerodrome Infrastructure and Identifying and Controlling Airside Hazards.

Since the launch of the Airside Safety Essentials online course, 27 people have enrolled.

Online courses are rare in the airport education sector and the AAA online courses are designed around accessibility, simplicity and interactivity while enabling students to consume the content at their own pace and achieve individual outcomes and goals.

‘Training and education in our industry isn’t only a legal requirement but an excellent way for employers to mitigate risk, ensure their employees are safe and receiving the right training which can be applied to the real world,’ Ms Wilkie said.

The AAA is able to provide quality assurance in all the online training courses because each course is reviewed by experts in the industry.

‘We have received positive feedback from a number of students who have already completed one or more AAA online course, they have mentioned how well the material is presented both visually and verbally and how easy the course is to navigate through,’ Ms Wilkie said.

The benefit of online courses is it can be combined with face to face training in order to deliver education and training to suit all learning styles.

It is also cost efficient, reduces logistical and staffing issues with staff being off site or away from work and increases retention of knowledge due to the individual self-paced delivery.

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