The Queensland Government is providing $60 million in funding to build or improve the state’s vital infrastructure through the Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program. Local Government Minister Mark Furner said councils would benefit from a new approach to the program. 

“In previous years, the funding was allocated to councils on a yearly basis to help with building or improving vital infrastructure,” Mr Furner said.

“We have listened to council’s feedback and in consultation with the Local Government Association of Queensland, tried to address some of the specific challenges they face.

“Extending the funding from one year to two, allows councils the flexibility to undertake works at any stage during the two year period, freed from the constraints of applying for, and delivering projects within a one-year timeframe.

“This should help to decrease the number of extension applications by councils, reduce the administrative burden and cut red tape.

“It also means that with extended timeframe to complete projects, councils can think bigger in terms of the projects they submit for funding assessment, ‘stage’ projects over two financial years, and forecast with greater confidence the requirements for future council budgets.

“On top of that, councils can plan the workforce needed ahead of time to create the local jobs which will see these projects delivered and boost local economies.”

Eligible projects include constructing and upgrading essential community infrastructure, as well as disaster resilience and preparedness projects, asset condition assessments and asset geocoding.

“This funding is particularly crucial for smaller councils with a limited capacity to self-fund some large projects,” Mr Furner said.

“All 77 local governments are eligible to apply.”

The Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program supports local governments by assisting with infrastructure costs as well as creating jobs and contributing to building safe, caring and connected communities.

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