A new technology investment by VicRoad and Victoria Police has enabled investigators to fast track their investigations, decreasing the amount of time roads need to be closed.

The new 3D laser scanner enables police investigators to create a 360-degree image of an entire crash scene to accurately determine vehicle speed, braking distance and direction.

Using the traditional system, it can take Major Collision Investigation Unit (MCIU) members several hours to map a scene, but with the scanner, the job can be done in far less time.

The MCIU started using its two 3D laser scanners in April 2017 with VicRoads contributing $300,000 of the overall $380,000 cost.

VicRoads CEO, John Merritt, said major collisions could have a dramatic impact on the road network and be a burden to the economy.

“This critical work that the Major Collision Unit have to undertake when processing a scene can take a minimum of four hours – but this new technology can cut that time by half,” Mr Merritt said.

“It is the job of police to assess a collision scene but it is our job to make sure we get roads open again as soon as it is safely possible.

“This investment by VicRoads is keeping Melbourne moving, delivering freight to its destinations and getting people home on time.

“We think it’s a really good investment.”

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