While concrete is very durable, if left unprotected it can be susceptible to corrosion, dilapidation, cracks and discolouration. When this occurs it can compromise the integrity of the structure, reducing its lifespan and making it an eyesore. However with the correct preparation and surface coating, old and damaged concrete surfaces can be made almost new. Here we discuss how the application of the correct construction resin can make concrete great again.

Knowledge is key

According to Chris Bauer, head of flooring at Hychem, one of the main challenges to concrete rehabilitation revolves around education and quality.

“When rehabilitating concrete surfaces the final result is dependant not only on the quality of the product used but also the quality of the installation. You can have the best product on the market but if the surface isn’t prepared or the product installed correctly you won’t achieve optimum results,” Mr Bauer said.

“At Hychem, we work closely with a network of licensed installers that have been selected due to their extensive experience applying coatings.

“We also pride ourselves on our market knowledge, and being able to advise clients on what the best products are for their application. We have open communication with both the installation contractor and the end user to ensure that the client gets the product they need and not what they think they need.”

Another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the conditions that a product will be subject to.

“We are conscious of the fact that Hychem products will often be used in the middle of winter in Tasmania and the peak of summer in Queensland. Because of this we rigorously test our products to ensure they consistently perform across a wide variety of temperatures ranging from 10°C to 40°C,” Mr Bauer said.

“As we also manufacture our own products in Australia we are able to deliver products quickly and provide personalised solutions.”

After: There are a number of constructions resins available to rehabilitate concrete depending on the project needs.

After: There are a number of constructions resins available to rehabilitate concrete depending on the project needs.

Infrastructure and flooring

Concrete is subject to a variety of conditions depending on where it is installed. Conditions such as heavy traffic, and exposure to harsh chemicals and weather conditions can cause unprotected concrete to breakdown over time and become unsafe, unhygienic, and unsightly.

According to Mr Bauer there are a number of options available to rehabilitate concrete flooring depending on the specific needs of the client.

“Hychem offers a range of resins for a variety of applications such as kitchens, wineries, airport hangers, bridges, roads and car parks,” Mr Bauer said.

“For example Hychem’s Polyac BDM – PMMA trafficable membrane system for roads and bridges is fast curing so contractors are able to complete large projects and have them ready for service within the same day or night.

“This means we can not only rehabilitate corroded concrete with minimal downtime and disruption, but it also provides substantial cost savings through labour savings.”

Water and wastewater

Water and wastewater infrastructure is subject to numerous chemical and atmospheric conditions that can cause concrete to corrode.

As this infrastructure ages and deteriorates there is a greater emphasis placed on rehabilitation.

According to Colin Murphy, Product Manager at Hychem, an epoxy liner such as Hychem’s TL5 is perfect for rehabilitating old water and wastewater infrastructure, making it look brand new and extending its life into the future.

“TL5 can be applied directly onto damaged concrete and has a coverage of in excess of 6mm in one application which means only one coat is needed,” Mr Murphy said.

“We designed TL5 specifically to provide long-term fast-turnaround protection of water assets and it has been tested for over 20 years in Australia’s varied and harsh environments.”

This partner content is brought to you by Hychem. For more information please contact Hychem on (02) 4646 1660.

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