The South Australian Government is creating a network of linear parks in Adelaide to provide more public green spaces with environmental and recreational benefits to the community.

An amendment to the Linear Parks Act 2006 will provide additional powers to support the State Government’s 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide to establish a network of linear parks across the greater Adelaide region.

Linear parks are multi-functional open space corridors which provide a wide range of social and environmental benefits for the community including:

  • Promoting physical activity by providing improved recreational opportunities
  • Connecting neighbourhoods, and encouraging walking and cycling through the development of safe off-road path networks
  • Provision of green infrastructure within the urban environment
  • Creation of urban biodiversity corridors which provide an opportunity to connect with nature
  • Effective stormwater management to improve water quality and provide flood mitigation

Minister for Planning, John Rau, said, “Linear parks are an important asset to our urban areas, particularly given the increasing housing densities within Greater Metro Adelaide.

“They are vital open spaces which can be enjoyed by the community for recreation and exercise. Linear parks also play an important role in managing urban stormwater and mitigating flooding.”

Building on the success of the River Torrens Linear Park, consideration will be given to preserving and establishing additional linear parks along a variety of corridors including Gawler River, Little Para River, Dry Creek, Sturt River, Field River, Christie Creek, Onkaparinga River, Pedler Creek and Port Willunga Creek.

The purpose of the Bill is to:

  • Establish, maintain and preserve linear parks as world-class assets to be enjoyed as public parks for the benefit of present and future generations
  • Promote the use and enjoyment of linear parks by the local community
  • Promote healthy active lifestyles by facilitating the use of linear parks for exercise and other outdoor activities.

The Minister for Planning will be given the same powers that local councils have with respect to local government roads, to create pathways, undertake planting and landscaping, and install lighting and public facilities, to establish new linear parks.

Minister for Environment, Ian Hunter, said vital open spaces invite South Australians to get outside and enjoy the beautiful environment on thier doorsteps.

“Creating a linear park is an effective way to allow seamless management of lands that may previously be regulated by council, State Government or other entities, thereby playing an important role in oversight of wider issues such urban stormwater and flood mitigation,” Mr Hunter said.

The Bill will enable a consistent and uniform approach to establishing linear parks, particularly where they involve different types of public land holdings.

Since 2002, the State Government has provided more than $20 million towards the establishment of waterway linear parks through the Planning and Development Fund.

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