A virtual reality experience is allowing Canberrians to experience what the new Gungahlin Marketplace, and the new Gungahlin Bus Station and Hibberson Street shared zone will look like.

Before construction began on site, the virtual reality experience is allowing locals to appreciate the links between these projects, and what the new Gungahlin Town Centre will look like upon completion.

Open until 20 October 2017, some features of the virtual reality experience include:

  • New traffic lights at the intersection of Hibberson Street and Gungahlin Place to provide patron transfer between buses and light rail
  • Bus platforms and bus facilities on both sides of Gungahlin Place, between Hibberson Street and Ernest Cavanagh Street
  • The light rail terminus on Hibberson Street, east of Gungahlin Place, within easy sight of the bus station platforms
  • A walk down Hibberson Street, to experience the pedestrian friendly nature of the one-way shared zone

Minister for Transport and City Services, Meegan Fitzharris, said, “A virtual reality experience will allow residents to see what the new bus station and shared zone will look like, and how they will soon be able to move between transport services within the Gungahlin Town Centre.

“The virtual reality experience allows you to wander down Hibberson Street and Gungahlin Place with a 360 degree view.

“This is an innovative way for us to demonstrate a how a big piece of infrastructure will look and feel before work has even started.”

Construction of the bus station on Gungahlin Place will begin in October 2017. Works will carry through into 2018, with landscape works to be carried out in the 2018 planting season.

Construction of the Hibberson Street shared zone is scheduled to begin in early 2018, when the bus station is in operation.

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