Unlike general landscape maintenance, the works required for infrastructure assets often present a number of challenges including limited times work can be carried out, external events, and safety precautions required for staff and the public. However, the key to overcoming these challenges is experience.

Gavin Meharg, Contracts Manager Infrastructure at Marsupial Landscape Management, said one of the biggest differences between infrastructure maintenance and general landscape maintenance is dealing with traffic.

“It’s probably the biggest influence in what we can and can’t do. Our work needs to be programmed and scheduled based on road closures and specific traffic events or schedules,” Mr Meharg said.

When working on infrastructure assets such as roads, rail, ports, airports and utilities, it is important to be able to anticipate external events and understand the unique risks of each asset.

“That’s something that can only be dealt with [using] firsthand experience and best practice, making sure we identify all potential risks and hazards. Actually identifying those incidents happening on site before they occur – that’s something that really needs some inside knowledge and experience,” Mr Meharg said.

Marsupial has been in operation since 1989 and its ability to manage and plan for external events, and manage risks are some of the reasons it has been chosen to maintain major infrastructure projects, including 700 utility sites in Queensland, and John Holland’s Country Rail Network in regional New South Wales.

In early 2017, after working on the M5 Motorway in NSW for 10 years, Marsupial renewed its landscape maintenance contract for a further five years.

“One of the reasons we’ve worked on the M5 for so long is that we go above and beyond the contractual works, we know the site so well and can inform the client of things beyond our scope that need to be addressed. We’re another set of eyes on site and the client trusts us,” Mr Meharg said.

Marsupial has also developed the innovative Mtrack system, a solution that converts paperwork into app technology, improving reporting efficiency and providing customers with real-time visibility of the work being carried out.

This system is tailored for each customer and data is formatted to meet their specific needs, enabling effective response to their unique landscape management requirements.

This is extremely beneficial for customers who manage multiples sites or a portfolio across various territories.

For more information on Marsupial’s landscape management services, visit www.marsupial.com.au.

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