Under a bold new planned announced by Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, Victorians can expect to see construction start on the long awaited airport rail link in the next decade.

While there is no date on the start of construction or completion, Mr Andrews confirmed in a speech to the Victorian Chamber that by the time the Metro Tunnel is completed in 2026, construction work will be well underway on an airport rail link.

“It can’t just funnel tourists and business people between the CBD and the airport. It needs to be much more – and it can be,” Mr Andrews said.

It can transform the way people live, work, and travel right across Victoria. In our view, the airport rail link has the potential to unlock Western and Northern Victoria.”

A study by Public Transport Victoria (PTV) on the Melbourne Airport rail link recommended that a Melbourne Airport Rail Link should be provided via the Albion East route once the Melbourne Metro rail tunnel is in place.

In the 2017-18 state budget, the Victorian Government committed $10 million towards a business case for the Melbourne Airport rail link. The Federal Government has subsequently committed $30 million to the business case.

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