The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) has announced two project groups as winners of the ARA Future Leader Program for their innovative ideas at the AusRAIL PLUS 2017 conference, held from 21-23 November. 

The two project groups presented their innovative ideas as part of the ‘Where are we heading?’ plenary session at the conference.

ARA Chief Executive Officer, Danny Broad, congratulated the two groups on their project proposals, which were ‘highly commended’ by the judges of the Future Leaders Program.

“I’d like to congratulate the two project groups on their highly commended ideas as part of the ARA Future Leaders Program.

“Project Group 1 of the ARA Future Leaders Program is highly commended for their ‘Future of Asset Management’ concept, which suggests that an asset management roadmap be developed, with a ‘maturity test’ functionality that would assist organisations in reaching the relevant stages to asset management maturity.

“Project Group 5 is highly commended for their ‘Enhancing Rail’s Environmental Credentials’ project idea, which proposes the rail industry adopt a new ratings scheme that promotes sustainable ‘green’ outcomes.

“The proposal highlights that the scheme include rolling stock, covering whole of life aspects from procurement, manufacturing and production processes, through to sustainable maintenance materials, practices and facilities, as well as the appropriate disposal of materials.

“I’d like to thank ARA members who have actively engaged in the Future Leaders Program that aims to provide our young rail professionals with the confidence and innovation they need to succeed in the future of our industry.

“I’d also like to thank the 2017 ARA Future Leaders cohort for your involvement in the program. The ARA has embraced your forward thinking ideas and congratulates you on being our industries under 30 best and brightest.”

The ARA Future Leaders Program is a selection of 30 young professions that are the best and brightest in the Australian and New Zealand rail industry. As part of the three-stage program, the ARA Future Leaders Program challenges individuals by involving them in group projects with individuals of different Myers Briggs personality types and asks them to find innovative solutions to improving the rail industry. 

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