Topcon Positioning Group has announced updates to its Delta Solutions deformation monitoring system including software management improvements and advanced modular configurations.

Ian Stilgoe, vice president Europe GeoPositioning Solutions for Topcon Positioning Group, said, “Since the launch of Delta Solutions at Intergeo 2016, we have seen many systems installed and successfully operated across Europe and North America.

“Now, to build on that success we are implementing new features for a more comprehensive package that facilitates ease of use.”

Delta Watch features new configuration choices employing either robotic total stations or GNSS with the ability to add levelling sensors.

“An additional module is available to enable all three sensor types to be combined into a single deformation monitoring system. Whatever the Topcon sensor combination, these can be computed within one combined network adjustment solution,” Mr Stilgoe said.

The system now also includes a new optional rail monitoring module.

“This new feature is designed specifically for rail deformation monitoring activities to provide the creation of virtual sensors such as can’t and twist measurement or track alignment and displacement,” Mr Stilgoe said.

Delta Watch also features a new monitoring system diagnostics module designed to allow operators to check the performance and health of the internal monitoring system hardware for operational troubleshooting and the planning of any maintenance requirements.

Operators now also have a choice of using either metric or US survey units as the default values in the software.

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