Safe Work Australia’s mid-term review of the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012–2022 found the strategy is delivering against its stated purpose and progress against the three targets to reduce work-related fatalities and injuries is on track.

The mid-term review of the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012–2022 examined:

  • Progress against the strategy’s targets
  • How the strategy has influenced WHS activities
  • Whether the key elements of the strategy can continue to drive safety improvements
  • The areas of WHS that require greater attention over the next five years to achieve the strategy’s vision

Members agreed to focus on three key areas to ensure that the strategy continues to be effective.

Efforts will focus on:

  1. Undertaking detailed analysis of the causes and controls of work-related fatalities, injuries and illnesses, with an initial focus on the agriculture industry and musculoskeletal disorders
  2. Exploring the feasibility of national lead indicators to support improved workplace performance measurement and reporting
  3. Developing effective information sharing and improved coordination of activities implemented under the strategy

Members also agreed to make minor changes to the language in the strategy including:

  • Renaming ‘priority disorders’ to ‘priority conditions’   
  • Incorporating explicit reference to workplace bullying, harassment and occupational violence

Members are confident that these changes and focus areas will ensure the strategy continues to guide the achievement of improvements in work health and safety outcomes over the next five years.


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