Established in 1995, Pro-Bore offers drilling and boring services in Queensland and New South Wales, and has recently been contracted to install conduit for the upcoming Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. Pro-Bore Owner and Operator, Paul Barrett, discusses how having a supportive and reliable equipment supplier has been essential in the company’s transition into the HDD industry.

Mr Barrett started off as a tree lopping contractor using a Vermeer wood chipper and grinder to carry out his contracts.

In 1995 when Foxtel established its Pay TV service, Mr Barrett saw an opportunity to capitalise on the start of the Pay TV rollout and, with the assistance and training of Vermeer’s specialists, he was able to easily transition his skills to the booming HDD industry.

Mr Barrett purchased a D6 Navigator from Vermeer and from there began his drilling business, Pro-Bore.

“I originally owned a Vermeer wood chipper and grinder so I knew they supplied good quality equipment, which is why they were my first choice when I decided to move my business into HDD,” Mr Barrett said.

“After having success with Vermeer in the tree lopping business I couldn’t go past Vermeer products and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today – I virtually went from climbing trees one week to drilling holes the next.”

Preparing for the Commonwealth Games

Pro-Bore specialises in small projects, including street works and road crossings, and is currently contracted to install Optus conduit for the upcoming Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

Optus is a major sponsor of the games, and Pro-Bore has been installing conduit to various venues around the Gold Coast.

“We have been drilling along beach fronts and parklands from one end of the coast to the other, as well as in the games village,” Mr Barrett said.

“It is important to have a clean reliable machine to undertake these works as it is the most precious part of the Gold Coast. It is because of the efficient equipment Vermeer provide that we are confident to take on bigger jobs and expand our business.”

Over two decades of quality service

During its 23 years of business, Pro-Bore has purchased six new drills, a vacuum excavation unit and two mixing systems from Vermeer. The latest addition to the fleet being Vermeer’s 20×22 Series II Horizontal Directional Drill.

“There is no doubt their equipment is superior; my latest addition 20×22 Series II is an all round mighty machine for what I do.”

Mr Barrett said looking to the future his next goal is to add the new Vermeer 23×30 HDD to his fleet.

“I take pride in my fleet and Vermeer has been with us every step of the way to ensure we’re getting the best equipment for our needs.”

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