Airservices Australia has accepted all of the recommendations made by the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman (ANO) in the report Investigation into complaints about the introduction of new flight paths in Hobart, issued 27 April 2018.

Airservices has acknowledged that it failed to adequately inform and engage with residents who have been impacted by aircraft noise due to flight path changes introduced in September 2017.

Looking ahead, Airservices said it is committed to working with the affected communities, undertaking open and transparent consultation regarding proposed flight path changes to rebuild goodwill and trust with local residents.

The findings from the ANO broadly align to those of an Airservices internal review undertaken in 2017, following concerns raised by the Hobart community.

The review – completed in December 2017 – examined Airservices’ processes associated with aircraft noise management and resulted in decisive steps to improve future engagement with the community.

Airservices is confident that actions already underway have satisfactorily addressed the ANO’s recommendations.

Airservices is currently progressing with its review into its  environmental assessment criteria and are engaging external expertise to guide and develop community consultation into the future. 

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