With over 100 years of experience in providing complex rail maintenance and construction solutions, Rhomberg Rail Australia — the Australian operating division of the Austrian-based Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group — is an industry specialist. However, it is its reputation as a pioneer and driving force in the development of new processes and systems that has positioned Rhomberg at the forefront of the rail sector.

With core competencies in design, technical advisory and project delivery of rail systems, track construction and maintenance activities, Rhomberg Rail is able to provide tailor-made and cost efficient solutions that focus on high performance and safe delivery.

It has dedicated track construction crews capable of delivering all works associated with new rail infrastructure construction and renewal, as well as multiple crews trained and resourced to carry out periodic maintenance works including continuous welded rail (CWR), track adjustment and welding.

Rhombergs team on the Elong Elong bridge upgrade

Rhomberg Rail has extensive experience in the construction and repair of rail bridges and structures including replacing transoms, culverts and associated works, with fully qualified demolition supervisors.

During the last decade, Rhomberg Rail has worked extensively with regional rail owners and operators to provide needs-based service delivery on a significant cross section of multi discipline urban and large-scale national projects.

Driven by its desire to establish a culture of continuous improvement within the rail industry, the company is always finding new ways to optimise its output, while developing new products that are progressive and forward thinking.

Many of these innovations have now become the standard in track renewal and maintenance, and have been employed in projects across Australia, such as the recent Branxton Weighbridge upgrade which was completed in November 2017.

Upgrading the Branxton Weighbridge
The new Branxton Weighbridge, located in the NSW Hunter Valley, incorporates prefabricated slab track and transition modules in a first-of-its-kind in Australia.

Combining these technologies provided an innovative solution to the common issue of excessive track vibration leading to inaccurate data readings.

The Australia Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) wanted to upgrade the existing weighbridge system to include a high-speed weighbridge capable of capturing data from trains running at 60kph. A ballasted track system was determined to be unsuitable due to the excessive settlement and top issues that occur over time causing the coal wagons to bounce and sway, resulting in inaccurate weighbridge data readings.

Rhomberg Rail Australia was engaged to provide its proprietary IVES and VTRAS system to solve this problem. IVES (Intelligent, Versatile, Efficient, Solid) is a precast slab track system that can be used for almost any type of permanent way (standard gauge, rapid transit, low or high-speed railway).

The simple design of the prefabricated concrete units, in particular their shape and precise dimensions, allows each component to be specifically adjusted to suit any track configuration and modifications can be made quickly and easily.

The Versatile Transition System (V-TRAS) universal transition module is a prefabricated, robust, ladder-form steel structure that connects different track construction types. It can be used largely irrespective of whatever types of track construction are involved and is available at different lengths to suit specific project needs.

One side sits on the end of the slab track, while the rest of the module is placed in the ballast roadbed, which provides it with a floating support.

It enables a smooth transition from the flexible ballasted track system to the solid IVES track system which, in the case of the Branxton Weighbridge, ensures a smooth transition and accurate data readings at high speed.

The IVES and VTRAS systems were installed over three consecutive possessions, with work completed seven hours ahead of the final possession deadline.

A trusted industry partner
Rhomberg Rail has helped build some of the biggest and most complex rail projects in Australia and overseas, developing a reputation as an innovator that can get the job done on time and on budget.

While the Branxton Weighbridge is one of its most recent projects, Rhomberg Rail has worked extensively with the ARTC on a number of projects.

Between August 2009 and October 2012, Rhomberg Rail provided major periodic maintenance and construction services for general track work in the Hunter Valley, working across 700km of plain track and 610 turnouts. The works were undertaken during scheduled major track closedowns and aligned maintenance possessions.

Rhomberg Rail was responsible for the project management, safety management, quality assurance and programming. The company also provided experienced supervision, skilled labour, safeworking protection, and plant and equipment.

Rhomberg Rail was also engaged to provide design, installation and resurfacing services to work on the existing track infrastructure on the Main North Line within the Upper Hunter Valley, known as the Upper Hunter – Gunnedah Basin.

The main aim of this upgrade was to renew the turnouts to enable enhancement of the track capacity in preparation for the running of 30 tonne axle loads.

Rhomberg Rail replaced 25 turnouts, and carried out all associated preparation and track work reconfigurations. Rhomberg Rail provides for the lifecycle of today’s rail networks through a complete range of innovative, mechanised rail construction and maintenance process solutions.

It has a team of highly-experienced local rail professionals, and aims to encourage and drive a culture of service excellence and develop best practice relationships with its clients. Rhomberg Rail provides the best of European innovation with local know-how and Australian knowledge.

This partner content is brought to you by Rhomberg Rail Australia. For more information, visit www.rhombergrail.com.au.

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