Infrastructure Australia has concluded its independent evaluation of the Lower Fitzroy River Infrastructure Project (Rookwood Weir) and following a rigorous assessment process has decided not to add it to the Infrastructure Priority List.

The Lower Fitzroy River Infrastructure Project has not been added to the Priority List at this time as the business case shows that the project’s costs are likely to exceed its benefits, with a stated Benefit-Cost Ratio of 0.6.

Infrastructure Australia Chief Executive, Philip Davies, said, “Infrastructure Australia has reached the conclusion that while the project may be required in the longer term, insufficient evidence has been presented to show that this solution is required now.

“We recognise the importance of long-term water supply planning in the Lower Fitzroy and Gladstone regions, however the short-term need for an additional 4,000 megalitres of water to the Livingstone Shire Council region does not currently require the construction of a weir which could provide 76,000 megalitres each year.

“The other driver for the project, which is connecting the Lower Fitzroy River to Awoonga Dam to diversify supply, is a longer-term need and most likely not required until 2037.

“A staged approach should be investigated as a more cost-effective strategy to secure water for the Lower Fitzroy and Gladstone regions over the short and long term.

“We support Building Queensland’s recommendation in the business case to clearly establish customer demand for additional water before the project proceeds,” Mr Davies said.

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