Train services along the Altona Loop in Victoria will soon resume, with works to construct the new dual rail bridge and duplicate a section of track along the Altona Loop wrapping up almost one week ahead of schedule.

Altona Loop commuters can now look forward to more reliable journeys with the addition of a duplicated section of track between the Werribee line junction and Kororoit Creek, removing a significant bottleneck and providing another point along the loop where trains can safely pass one another.

The Kororoit Creek Road level crossing is also gone for good in an upgrade that improves both safety and congestion, as trains run over the new dual rail bridge while vehicles pass through the now free-flowing road below.

The dual rail bridge is made up of 40 L-shaped concrete beams up to 31m long, each transported to site before being craned into place, and joined together in pairs to form the U-shaped viaducts. More than 70,000 hours have been worked by 750 workers over the course of the construction blitz, with more than 7000 tonnes of concrete used and almost 12km of cabling laid.

The removal of the Kororoit Creek Road level crossing takes the total number of crossings removed by the Level Crossing Removal Authority to 26, smashing the government’s promise to remove 20 in this term.

The Werribee line will also benefit from the new metropolitan timetable that will commence on August 26 with 35 additional services, of 190 new services and hundreds of extended services across all lines.

The new upgrades have already been successfully tested, with a test train running through the Altona Loop and over the new rail bridges.

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