Australia is experiencing a period of population growth that is increasing the pressure on existing infrastructure, causing significant challenges, as well as new opportunities. In order to maximise existing infrastructure, we need to use various new technologies to create smarter, more sustainable infrastructure for roads, railway lines, ports, airports, industrial areas, business precincts and more.

Population growth is becoming a huge challenge as it leads to increased traffic flows through ports, airports, roads and rail lines. This poses a threat to the usability of cities and the capacity of existing infrastructure systems to support long-term growth.

After years of under-investment, there are now huge infrastructure developments underway across multiple sectors and more projects in the pipeline over the coming years. At the same time, technology is reshaping how we think about infrastructure development needs and investment priorities.

Renewal and preservation is a major part of the lifecycle of any infrastructure system. This involves research into the impact of new technologies and the incorporation of sustainable materials. With the uptake of smart infrastructure, end-users have come to expect public and private infrastructure to be integrated, sustainable and tailored to community needs.

Efficient infrastructure helps the economy to run smoothly and enables businesses to get product to market, provide essential services such as water and power, and allows workers to get to their workplaces.

The questions that need to be answered now are: how can these projects be prioritised effectively and how can new technologies be used to reduce construction and maintenance costs?

The Smart Infrastructure Summit, running from 7-9 August in Sydney, will help to answer these questions and explores the factors that influence the prioritisation of infrastructure projects. The summit will help executives, investors, and business leaders understand the opportunities and risks at play in infrastructure development.

At the Smart Infrastructure Summit, delegates can expect to learn:

● How to drive the adoption of smarter infrastructure to gain greater value from new and existing assets
● How companies are developing innovative and practical solutions that are ready to be applied to the infrastructure sector
● How smart infrastructure will play an increasingly significant role in addressing resource constraints and enhancing connectivity, liveability, productivity and resilience
● How to develop and implement infrastructure strategies for the asset classes of water, energy, transport and digital
● Source the latest smart infrastructure enabling products and solutions

The Smart Infrastructure Summit will bring together industry experts; national, state and local government; infrastructure asset owners; construction companies; contractors; and solution providers, to discuss strategies to support the adoption of smart infrastructure.

The event will showcase the outcomes that can be achieved by combining infrastructure, innovation and technology and is a must-attend event for anyone in the infrastructure sector wanting to know where the industry is headed.

The Smart Infrastructure Summit is running from 7-9 August at PARKROYAL Darling Harbour in Sydney. Download the full brochure and agenda here.

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