The Northern Territory Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistic is focused on driving sustainable, economic and social advancement of the Territory through strategic land use and transport planning, infrastructure investment, building regulation and effective logistic supply chains, it’s 2018-2021 strategic plan has revealed.

The plan will direct the department over the next three years. It aligns with the NT Government’s strategic themes of investing in the bush, trust, putting children at the heart of government, jobs and the economy and safer and vibrant communities.  

The strategic plan is informed by both The Economic Development Framework and the 10 Year Infrastructure Plan.

Strategic objectives include:

Long-term planning – Long-term planning that integrates community needs and industry best practice

  • Provide a more transparent and planned approach to land and planning policy in the NT
  • Deliver Government’s vision for planning across the Territory
  • Deliver and support Darwin and Alice Springs CBD revitalisation
  • Deliver the Territory Wide Logistics Master Plan
  • Implement the Northern Territory Road Safety Action Plan – Towards Zero
  • Plan for Weddell and Cox Peninsula in partnership with land owners
  • Support the NT Planning Commission to fulfill its strategic planning role for the Northern Territory

Infrastructure Delivery – Deliver the Territory’s Infrastructure Program and maintain its Infrastructure Portfolio

  • Plan and maintain the Territory’s infrastructure portfolio including delivery of Government’s extensive infrastructure program ensuring a rolling pipeline of works
  • Support the local economy, jobs and construction through value for the Territory procurement processes
  • Promote Government’s infrastructure priorities and achievements as outlined in the 10 year Infrastructure Plan
  • Deliver improvements to transport infrastructure including roads, bridges, barge landings and aerodromes
  • Support the development and implementation of Government’s Aboriginal Contracting Framework
  • Create a safer, more productive contractor environment by ensuring compliance with safety standards and requirements
  • Plan for and manage transport infrastructure assets to ensure these meet the needs of the Territory

Quality Services – Deliver innovative, well regulated, safe and sustainable services

  • Implement contemporary regulatory frameworks that support innovation and efficiency, reduce red tape and deliver safe outcomes.  This includes a review of building regulatory framework, progression towards swimming pool safety reform and progression towards planning reform
  • Timely planning and development approvals
  • Enhance our service delivery models to reflect the changing needs of our clients and our business
  • Provide a safe and secure public bus network
  • Improved service delivery and increased online service options at Motor Vehicle Registries
  • Develop and deliver a regulatory model to facilitate Ridesharing in the Northern Territory
  • Develop policy options which support autonomous and electric vehicles in the NT

Contemporary Organisation – Create an organisation with the values, capacity and capability to deliver effective services

  • Create workplaces that foster innovation and promote excellence, underpinned by a culture of collaboration
  • Ensure our worksites and working arrangements prioritise the health and safety our staff, where risks are identified and effectively managed
  • Develop programs to recruit and retain quality staff, develop leadership and workforce capability, including a focus on Aboriginal employment
  • Explore and develop new ways of doing business that create efficiencies in our operations and enable agile responses to changes in our environment
  • Maintain high standards of governance and accountability with a focus on continual improvement in our performance reporting and delivery


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