A new policy change specifies that all industries undertaking construction work will contribute to the development and training of Western Australia’s construction workforce via the Building and Construction Industry Training Fund (BCITF) levy.

The resource industry will now contribute to the BCITF levy with the removal of a long-standing exemption.

The BCITF levy is invested in training incentives and support for employers of apprentices and trainees in the construction industry. Removing the exemption will improve the resource industry’s ability to access the skilled workforce it has identified it needs.

The levy has previously applied to all residential, commercial and civil engineering projects undertaken in Western Australia where the total value of construction is estimated to be more than $20,000.

Options for investing the additional funds collected from the resources sector will be explored in consultation with stakeholders to ensure that the disbursement of levy funds supports improved training opportunities for the Western Australian construction sector.

The levy will not be applied to work associated with the core operational business of the resources sector such as exploration, mine excavation and backfilling, environmental clean-ups, and repairs and maintenance.

Minor construction work under the value of $10 million for the relocation, replacement, renovation and alteration of existing resources facilities will be excluded from the levy. This recognises the unique nature of resource sector operations.

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