tm stagetec systems (TMS) is a technology company with headquarters in Sydney. The company aims to provide seamlessly integrated digital PA systems and services tailored for the transport and infrastructure industries.

TMS’ digital PA systems offer the latest in digital audio technology — especially in public address, hearing loops and help points. Digital PA systems produce high-quality announcements with a focus on speech intelligibility and accessibility, with other key features including passenger information displays, mobile PA and centralised monitoring.

TMS is exhibiting at AusRail 2018 and will release a new Help Point series at the exhibition. Help Points offer commuters and other users the ability to contact the Network Operations Centre and talk with an operator or listen to automated information messages. These points can offer vital information, so quality audio and performance reliability are a top priority.

Help Point systems from TMS are completely configurable, for example they can include up to eight buttons that can be programmed to play announcements in different languages. Other customisable options include chassis type, size and colour, screens, customised operating systems and video conferencing are also available.

The cornerstone of the Help Point’s design is speech intelligibility and the systems include high-quality digital SIP and noise cancelling microphones. They can feature an embedded IP PBX server for smaller installations and can also be remotely monitored via a CNMS.

Help Points are powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE) and can be integrated into DVA systems and updated with the latest information without any need for an operator to intervene. With the importance of accessibility in DVA systems, Help Points offer integrated Hearing Loops.

Help Points are scalable from small to large systems and are suitable for public locations where help or information points may be required, including transportation hubs, railway signal points, road assistance points, large venues, schools and many more places.

Visit TMS at AusRail booth #7 to see Help Points in action.

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