Treating sewage in remote locations requires robust systems that have little maintenance requirements and flexibility of fabrication.

Hydroflux has been reviewing customer feedback from one of its well-established products and finding comments such as “it’s robust”, “it never fails”, “it is simple and effective” and “it just keeps rolling along” made them reconsider how it is referred to.

Back in the 1960s, when the system was developed and when marketing was not quite as swanky as it is today, a methodical assortment of numbers and letters was often sufficient to identify a product.

With over 150 of these somewhat unbranded systems operating for many years in various remote areas worldwide, in 2017 Hydroflux Epco decided to establish the RoadTRAIN® brand.

Effective sewage treatment for remote areas

The Hydroflux Epco RoadTRAIN® is undeniably the most robust sewage treatment plant available in the market, as it is a prefabricated on-site sewage treatment system specifically designed for use in remote locations where simplicity is essential.

It is designed to meet the demands of isolated communities, mining and construction camps, and even resorts for the complete purification of domestic sewage to a quality that allows discharge to local water courses, irrigation or reuse.

These plug and play micro sewage treatment plants are available in three different sewage treatment process options and two modes of fabrication.

Overcoming logistical issues 

It is the flexibility of fabrication methods that continue to be a deciding factor when considering alternatives. Remote locations will often have accessibility problems and having any equipment delivered greater than the size of a shipping container can present challenges.

In these cases, the preference is to supply the “bolted and assemble on site” design which is flat packed in 20 containers suitable for shipping anywhere in the world. Comprehensive assembly details are supplied along with all components down to nuts, bolts and washers. Installation can often be conducted inexpensively using local trades with everyday tools.

If logistics is not an issue, the RoadTRAIN® can be supplied as a completely welded and assembled system that requires minimal installation works.

The most commonly used RoadTRAIN® is based on the extended aeration activated sludge process, although rotating biological contactors are also popular. RoadTRAIN’s® membrane bioreactors have been used in some of the most sensitive areas.

Whichever RoadTRAIN® process is preferred, the performance combined with the fact that they are so simple to operate and require very little maintenance make them ideal for treating sewage in any remote location.

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