iQ Sensing has developed continual, accurate, no-drift monitoring of the structural health of infrastructure and linear assets over long distances.

iQ Sensing brings the fibrisTerre fTB 2505 Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensing (DTSS) fibre-optic-based monitoring instrument to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The sensing fibre can be installed during the construction phase or retrofitted to hard structures such as bridges, tunnels and pipelines, or soft structures such as embankments and shafts.

After installation, the instrument provides alerts on strain and temperature changes outside of the normal operating envelope, coupled with the precise location of the alerts.

The fTB 2505 delivers cost effective and high reliability monitoring for critical applications in all conditions.

iQ Sensing is an Australian Company based in Melbourne. It has a sole focus on Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing (DFOS) technology to help its end users achieve reliable, cost-effective monitoring to reduce maintenance costs and minimise operational risks through early failure detection.

The fTB 2505 can monitor 50,000 measurement points over distances of up to 50km utilising a single fibre with precision of one metre. Higher precision is delivered over shorter distances with a 20cm accuracy on a 2km run. Measurement sensitivity for the instrument is < 0.1°C and < 2 με for strain.

The instrument achieves its exceptional long term stability and high resolution through its patented Brillouin Optical Frequency Domain Analysis (BOFDA).

The technology provides permanent no-drift performance which is impervious to EMC/RFI and lightning strikes, as well as high moisture and corrosive environments.

For more details, contact Mark Sichler on 0418 843 687 or at

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