Airservices Australia open tender Request for Information noise management services

Airservices Australia has released a Request for Information (RFI) for noise information management services.

This exercise seeks to understand current market capabilities of vendors that are able to provide noise information management services.

Airservices owns a network of noise monitors, currently deployed at eight major airports, which are approaching end of life.

As Australia’s airport infrastructure expands and the demand for wider noise monitoring increases, the organisation sees a growing requirement to provide additional monitoring services.

Airservices also provides noise and flight path data to the community via a website and manages a Noise Complaints Service which utilises the information and data modelling provided by its existing noise and flight path monitoring system (NFPMS).

Currently, the organisation’s NFPMS is managed by Bruel and Kjaer. The system generates reports that include aircraft movement statistics such as runway usage by the various categories of aircraft and movement profiles.

Airservices recognises that aircraft noise, a by-product of a growing economy, is the most significant cause of adverse community reaction to increased aviation operations, and wants to ensure they are aware of all the most innovative solutions and available providers in the market.

View the tender here.

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