Olli Glenelg SA autonomous vehicle driverless technology trial

An autonomous vehicle trial along the foreshore of Glenelg, South Australia, is raising the awareness of driverless technology among locals and tourists.

Rides and interactive displays have allowed members of the public to experience autonomous vehicle technology first-hand.

The Glenelg trial is a partnership between Local Motors, Sage Automation, DPTI and Holdfast Bay. It is scheduled to run until May 2019.

Local Motors built the autonomous vehicle, Olli, while Sage Automation Matilda is operating transit hubs at each end of the journey.

During the trial phase, chaperones remain on board the vehicles to answer travellers’ questions and to ensure maximum safety.

Autonomous vehicles are being touted as a not-too-distant solution to first mile transport needs, including in aged care and retirement facilities and shopping centres, and for last mile activities, such as moving from public transport hubs to retail centres.

The Glenelg trial marks the beginning of autonomous vehicle technology being gradually introduced to South Australia. This allows the public to discover how it works and find the potential benefits for themselves.

Some Glenelg locals are already using Olli to get to the shopping precinct and back.

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