Broome Kimberley Ports Authority Channel optimisation project

Kimberley Ports Authority (KPA) has announced its preferred contractors to deliver the beacon and pile removal and dredging works of its channel optimisation project.

KPA has engaged Total AMS (TAMS) to remove Channel Rock Beacon, as well as the supporting piles and old pile remnants embedded in the seabed at the Beacon site.

Works will commence during neap tides from 11 April and extend through to 15 May, with stoppages in between to accommodate the tides.

In the interest of safety neap tides were identified as the best timing for the works to proceed.

Contractor Jan De Nul was awarded the dredging contract and will deploy to Broome after finalising work for the Pilbara Ports Authority in mid-2019.

TAMS’ multi-cat vessel – AMS Boss – a 9.8m has arrived in Broome to undertake the beacon removal work and will be assisted by a smaller dive support vessel – AMS 1.

Initially, the top structure of the beacon will be removed and a temporary special marker buoy will be deployed to mark Channel Rock. The remainder of the project will entail removing the piles from the sea bed.

Recreational boat owners are requested to adhere to a 150m exclusion zone around the Total AMS vessels while working in the port approach channel.

The removal of the beacon and piles are necessary for the dredging works to proceed unimpeded in mid-2019.

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