Adelaide Airport 3D screening technology

Adelaide Airport will trial new security at its main screening point that uses 3D x-ray scanners to screen passengers.

The trial will also feature state-of-the-art body scanners and a new automated tray return system, which will make the process easier and more efficient for customers.

The new scanner of cabin baggage utilises computed tomography (CT) to generate a 3D image, providing a significantly enhanced view of items being screened compared with the current x-ray equipment.

The new technology will mean passengers no longer need to remove laptops and other electronic devices from their bags before they are screened.

The automated tray return system is expected to speed up passenger screening and reduces the need for manual handling of trays by the airport’s security team.

The body scanning technology, which is already in place for international passengers departing Australia, also aims to make customer scanning easier and quicker.

The scanner under trial features an open plan design, meaning passengers simply stand in front of the scanner with their arms held slightly away from the body.

If the scanner reports an alarm, the location of the object is marked on a generic graphic of the human body – with no identifying features – preserving the privacy of passengers.

Adelaide Airport Executive General Manager – Finance & Corporate, Brenton Cox, said the trial comes ahead of an expected wider roll-out of new security equipment from as early as the end of 2019.

“We anticipate equipment similar to what we are trialling today will be rolled out across multiple screening lanes from the end of the year,” Mr Cox said.

Mr Cox said customers will be offered the choice of passing through the new screening equipment lane or using one of the other lanes with existing detection equipment.

“Participation in this trial is completely optional for our customers. We will be surveying travellers after they have trialled the new screening equipment, which will help us improve the customer experience in the longer term,” he said.

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