The Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) has awarded three of the Level Crossing Removal Project projects ‘Excellent’ sustainability ratings.

The Camp Road, Campbellfield, Skye–Overton Road, Frankston and Frankston Station projects received the ratings based on a range of factors, including energy efficiency, climate change risk mitigation and stakeholder engagement.

The projects were delivered by the North Western Program Alliance, who are now removing the Reservoir level crossing with this same commitment to sustainability. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Biodiesel generators
  • Solar lighting used on site during construction

The new Reservoir Station will include:

  • Rainwater recycling facilities
  • Urban design features for passive irrigation
  • Improve runoff water quality

The project is also partnering with the University of Melbourne and Sustainability Victoria to trial the use of recycled glass in concrete. The glass would be used instead of sand and would find a new use for recycled glass that is stockpiled in recycling centres across Victoria.

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