The Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) is hosting its 18th International Flexible Pavements Conference & Exhibition in Sydney, 18 – 21 August 2019. The theme of the conference, ‘Our Everlasting Roads: Enabling Future Mobility’, will be discussed by industry experts and world class keynote speakers.

These speakers include:

Hugh Bradlow AAPA International Flexible Pavements Conference and Exhibition

Hugh Bradlow

Hugh Bradlow is President of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering and recognised as a global leader in telecommunications technology. He was once named in the top 100 most influential telecommunications executives in the world. Bradlow is interested in the advancement of information and communication technology for the betterment of society.


George K Chang Hugh Bradlow AAPA International Flexible Pavements Conference and ExhibitionDr. George K. Chang

Dr George Chang is the Director of Research at the Transtec Group and founder of the International Society for Intelligent Construction. Chang has over twenty-five years’ experience in the industry and is recognised as a global expert on pavement smoothness and intelligent construction technologies.



Dr David Timm AAPA International Flexible Pavements Conference and ExhibitionDr. David Timm

Dr David Timm is a registered professional engineer and a Professor in Civil Engineering at Auburn University. Timm has over twenty years’ experience in the industry and works extensively with the National Centre for Asphalt Technology Pavement Test Track in Alabama. His main research interests are in Flexible Pavement modeling and structural pavement design.



Darren Hill AAPA International Flexible Pavements Conference and ExhibitionDarren Hill

Darren Hill is a behavioural scientist, best-selling author and co-founder of the behaviour and motivation strategy company, Pragmatic Thinking. Hill has over ten years’ experience working with ambitious organisations to drive contemporary work practices. He specialises in strategic development, organisational education and keynote speaking.



Erik Denneman AAPA International Flexible Pavements Conference and ExhibitionDr Erik Denneman

Dr Erik Denneman is the Lead Technical Manager for the Middle East and Asia Pacific at Puma Bitumen. A key technical expert in the Flexible Pavements Industry for over fifteen years. He is globally recognised as an innovator, known for introducing exciting and sustainable products and processes to the Industry. Denneman previously served as AAPA Director of Technology and Leadership.




This partner content is brought to you by the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association. Learn more about the International Flexible Pavements Conference & Exhibition and keynote speakers here.

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