NSW drivers will be able to experience virtual trips through the New M4 Tunnels ahead of their official opening via a series of new driver experience animations by WestConnex.

New M4 Project Director, Terry Chapman, said animations simulate the driver experience and could help to familiarise motorists with new entry and exit points, and help to plan future journeys.

“The $3.8 billion new M4 Tunnels will connect to the widened M4 and extend it via twin tunnels, three lanes in each direction, from Homebush to Haberfield.

“The M4 is going underground and it will be a game changer for western Sydney with motorists soon able to travel on the M4 between Penrith and the inner west of Sydney without stopping at a single traffic light.

“With the tunnels nearing completion, new animations have been developed to promote awareness and replicate the exact tunnel fit-out and experience motorists can expect when using the new M4 Tunnels, which will be the first road tunnels to open in Sydney since 2007.

“The animations have been designed to educate motorists about the new M4 Tunnels before they open to live traffic, and show how to enter and exit the tunnels, lane configurations, the various connections to the existing road network, as well as what signage and wayfinding methods drivers will see when driving in the tunnels,” Mr Chapman said.

Mr Chapman said the new M4 Tunnel project is in the final stages of commissioning works and systems testing, and will open to traffic in the coming weeks.

“The new M4 Tunnels provide a vital bypass of the congested Parramatta Road, allowing motorists to avoid up to 22 sets of traffic lights that they face every day when they come off the M4 and onto Parramatta Road at Concord.

“Motorists travelling on the entire length of WestConnex new M4 between Parramatta and Haberfield will bypass up to 42 sets of traffic lights,” Mr Chapman said.

The tunnels will emerge east of Bland Street on Parramatta Road and on Wattle Street, Haberfield, connecting to City West Link. There will also be connections at Concord Road, Concord (known as the Concord Interchange).

The new M4 Tunnel project is expected to be finished by 2021.

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