In August 2019, road and pavement professionals from across Australia will gather in Sydney to discuss the changing demands that society and transportation technology place on the long term investment that is road infrastructure.

The 18th International Flexible Pavements Conference and Exhibition, hosted by the Australasian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA), will run from 18–21 August at the International Convention Centre in Sydney.

The conference’s title, Our Everlasting Roads – Enabling Future Mobility, refers to industry professionals’ increasing technical ability to build perpetual pavements – roads that will last for an indefinite amount of time, while only requiring regular surface maintenance.

The conference will examine four central themes:

  • Circular economy: an exploration into the ongoing effort to closing the loop of the current linear economy into a circular one (make, use, reuse, remake, recycle) to further advance our everlasting roads
  • Preservation and rehabilitation: focusing on preserving the functionality of existing pavements, repairing pavements that require rehabilitation and solving the significant backlog in maintenance funding
  • Roads as a Service: a look at the service expected from our flexible pavements, now and in the future, with the introduction of electric and autonomous vehicles changing the demands placed on road infrastructure
  • Continual improvement: this theme captures, recognises and expands how the industry’s commitment to continually improving safety, sustainability, quality and consistency in all aspects of service delivery will enable and improve future mobility

With only eight weeks to go before the conference, register now to secure your place!


Running simultaneous to the conference is a wide-ranging exhibition which will provide a visual focus and interaction with the conference sessions. Industry-leading exhibitors include:
AAPA Flexible Pavements Conference and Exhibition Exhibitors

View a full list of exhibitors at the conference website.

AAPA Flexible Pavements Conference and Exhibition Sponsors

View a full list of sponsor information here.

This partner content is brought to you by the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association. Find out more and register for the International Flexible Pavements Conference and Exhibition here.

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