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Port of Melbourne has released its Sustainability Report, detailing its performance across environmental, social, economic, and governance systems in 2018.

Port of Melbourne CEO, Brendan Bourke, welcomed the report’s launch and reiterated the company’s commitment to embedding a Port-wide culture of safety, environmental value, community well-being and economic productivity.

“As Australia’s largest container and general cargo port and one of the nation’s most critical infrastructure assets, Port of Melbourne understands the importance of supporting a sustainable approach that embeds good practice into our operations and long-term planning.

“We have a proud history of operating safely and responsibly and promoting environmental and social responsibility within the Port community. This remains the foundation of our social licence to operate.

“As a city-port we must continue to be smart and responsible about our growth, especially as Melbourne’s population continues to rise. This requires sensitivities around balancing the commercial activities required to operate the port with the needs of our community neighbours.”

Mr Bourke said that the Sustainability Report provides a number of examples that demonstrate the Port’s commitment to sustainability and also outlines future areas of focus for ongoing improvement.

“Port of Melbourne looks forward to continuing this important conversation across our industry and stakeholder networks and driving meaningful action that supports and enhances social, environmental and economic opportunity and resilience over the long term,” Mr Bourke said.

Port of Melbourne’s Sustainability Report is guided by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals framework, which calls for collective global action on shared social, environmental, economic, and security challenges.

Port of Melbourne’s Sustainability Report can be found here.

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