New research for pavement technology guide

Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology has been updated to reflect recent research regarding the improvement of design methods to enhance cost-effectiveness of rehabilitating pavements.

Part 5: Pavement Evaluation and Treatment Design covers pavement investigation, testing and evaluation; identifies causes and modes of distress; and describes treatment options.

It has not been updated since 2011, during which time technologies and treatments have been superseded by improved methods.

Chief Technology Leader for ARRB and project author, Geoff Jameson, said, “In 2017, Austroads changed the structural design method for new flexible pavements, which is described in Part 2 of Guide to Pavement Technology: Pavement Structural Design.

“This revision of Part 5 aligns the structural design of rehabilitation treatments with this method.”

Other significant improvements include:

  • Changing the mechanistic-empirical design of strengthening treatments for flexible pavements, to improve methods of determining design moduli of existing pavement materials and subgrade
  • A new design process for calculating granular overlays using Traffic Speed Deflectometer deflections
  • Deleting asphalt overlay design charts

Guide to Pavement Technology is an authoritative guide on pavement technologies, techniques and considerations for everyone involved in managing roads, including industry and students.

Part 5: Pavement Evaluation and Treatment Design can be found here.

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