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In 2019, increased infrastructure spending has placed high demand on raw material supply for projects with concerns on how to maintain existing supply channels.

Many fear there will be shortages in the supply chains, disrupting projects and causing price or availability issues and major projects usually gain a preference of supply resulting in existing supply to dry up or become uneconomical.

Today there’s a simple and cost effective way to manage the shortages and costs of this situation. For over 15 years we’ve been encouraging the use of in-situ material re-use and blending of natural materials readily available on site by treating the materials with PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

Road Should Maintenance using in-situ soil PolyCom Stabilising Aid Methdology Stabilisation Sustainability 2019The following examples are some of the situations and applications where this methodology has been hugely successful in local government and civil sector.

  • Road shoulder re-builds: Using existing in-situ materials under normal conditions usually lost to table drains and road verges without removal and replacement of material. Via a simple rip and re-compact operation, this provides long lasting water resistant road shoulders that out perform existing methods.
  • Unsealed road maintenance: Re-sheeting operations can be surpassed by using already existing materials on site. No need to purchase materials and a longer lasting surface is produced with reduced maintenance intervals of up to four to six times on average.
  • Road patching: with in-situ material is another area where PolyCom is being widely used rather than boxing out and replacing with new material, major or minor patching is simpler and can be done internally in many cases without the need to hire specialist contractors.


Hardstands, parking bays, truck stops, lay by areas and all manner of areas for traffic and parking can be effectively improved using existing materials once treated.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid transforms materials like clay, silts, sandy clays and other once thought of as unsuitable into compact-able long lasting pavement surfaces that are more cost effective and perform better than previous.

In extreme situations new materials can be incorporated and blended with existing materials to provide strength and water resistant qualities.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid will help solve the material shortages and provide a cost effective solution to the current shortages and pricing increases.

Roadmaker PolyCom Stabilising Aid Distributors in Australia in the business for over 15 years

This partner content is brought to you by Roadmaker. Ask us for guidance on how we can help your next project or ongoing maintenance issues. Contact your local distributor Australia wide or visit: www.roadmaker.com.au

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