Port of Newcastle cargo handling efficiency

Discover why more customers are turning to Port of Newcastle to consolidate and store cargo for large construction projects.

Moving large or oversized cargo? Port of Newcastle’s capacity, connectivity and capability can simplify your supply chain and remove costly cargo handling steps. Read on to discover why more customers are making Port of Newcastle their first-choice east-coast port for consolidating and storing project cargo.

Successful supply chains depend on storage – from the right size, to the right specification in the right location. Port of Newcastle ticks all of these boxes when it comes to providing an optimal cargo storage solution. So why are more customers making the switch to Port of Newcastle?

Port-side storage and staging removing the need to occupy land off site

Only Port of Newcastle has the space and flexibility to securely store and stage shipments on its large parcels of berth-side land prior to transportation. We remove the need to transport cargo and occupy land offsite for storage – saving our customers both time and money.

A reconfiguration of the Port’s internal roads also allows for the efficient transportation of extra-long, bulky cargoes from the berth to the storage area, reducing the need to access external roads for delivery of cargo to storage and staging areas in off-site locations.

Wind turbines being unloaded, stored and consolidated on the Port’s expansive Mayfield storage area.

Wind turbines being unloaded, stored and consolidated on the Port’s expansive Mayfield storage area.

Flexible services and superior operational infrastructure to support the unique requirements of project cargo

Port of Newcastle offers varying berth options, with heavy lift and ro-ro capability and direct connections to the national rail and heavy haul road networks.

As storage needs change over the life of a project, we give customers room to breathe by offering the flexibility to expand and reduce licensed storage areas as required. The Port is serviced by multiple stevedores and heavy lift transport operators, so customers can count on significant expertise in all types of project cargo handling, at competitive rates.

As the only port on Australia’s east coast with berth-side rail access, Port of Newcastle provides customers with a distinct advantage thanks to its direct ship to rail connection. This reduces costly cargo handling steps and ensures a seamless journey from the port to the project site along the uncongested rail network servicing Newcastle and greater NSW.

Congestion-free connectivity

Capital cities’ peak-hour traffic is getting worse. Port of Newcastle is serviced by a national heavy vehicle route linked to the M1 and extending to Melbourne, Brisbane and regional NSW.

Avoid wasting time transporting cargo around congested metropolitan roads by importing, storing and staging your project cargo at Port of Newcastle – then truck or rail it at a convenient, off peak time directly to the project site.

Port of Newcastle provides a superior project cargo experience. More customers are choosing Port of Newcastle and now rely on the service it provides. Add value to your supply chain through timely and efficient project cargo consolidation and storage options at Port of Newcastle.

This partner content is brought to you by Port of Newcastle. For more information, visit portofnewcastle.com.au.

Featured image: Steel imports via Port of Newcastle’s East Basin berth, within the Port’s general cargo hub in Carrington.

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