Constructions workers using Autonomous Connected Ecosystem ACE

The age of connectivity has turned out to be the age of complexity. While the promise of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) era is anchored in the vast amounts of useful data being generated, the challenge has always been our ability to actually put it to use.

Instead of the IoT generating trillions in value, business and industry have been confronted with a different reality — the sheer volume of data generated daily by connected things has defied our ability to capture, store, see, understand and put it to work.

While the upside of the IoT remains as promising as ever — with connected “things” becoming smarter and more ubiquitous — if we are ever to realise this enormous potential, businesses must tame the complexity they are generating by their very own IoT strategies and the enormous amounts of data they create.

Hexagon is focused on the real IoT breakthrough, uncovering the world-changing solutions that hide in plain sight behind the mountains of data we create every day. To realise this promise, we can’t rely on the technologies of the past.

The next evolution will be driven by autonomy

The single greatest need in business today isn’t automation; it’s autonomous insight. This means much more than operational line of sight — it means being able to leverage vast amounts of data behind the scenes, where connected devices and machines interpret what’s happening and why, and then act accordingly, autonomously.

The shift from automation to autonomy is so monumental, so critical to our collective future that the simple notion of “putting data to work” is our singular focus at Hexagon. This is key as more and more of our customers are eager to move beyond automation and embrace technologies — a trend we are uniquely positioned to deliver on.

This is the future we are enabling. We call it Autonomous Connected Ecosystem, or ACE for short.

This is the real value of IoT: to connect, automate and ultimately ‘autonomise’ entire ecosystems that can self-optimise performance and self-adapt to — and learn from — new conditions in real time to autonomously run entire processes.

Autonomous Connected Ecosystem ACE

The future belongs to ACE

The power of an ACE is its ability to evolve and grow along with the changing needs of each business ecosystem — whether an autonomous smart factory, city or fleet of vehicles. ACEs enable organisations to adapt to change in ways that would have been impossible before.

This will embed the power of disruptive technologies such as AI, edge-cloud orchestration, mobility and data visualisation, to name a few, in the hands of every customer.
With the acquisition of BricSys earlier this year, Hexagon PPM can now provide the AEC market with an end-to-end platform to connect, automate and ultimately ‘autonomise’ the entire building and construction ecosystem.

Other acquisitions such as EcoSys, J5 International and Continuum Edge, mean Hexagon PPM is rapidly building on its 50 years’ experience providing digital solutions in the space of the connected worker, shift handover, fabrication, completions and enterprise project performance. We’re also addressing the need of capital projects to have effective communication and collaboration through the secure exchange of information deliverables between project stakeholders with HxGN SDx™ Projects and Operations.

This SDx™ technology provides a project-wide, web-based submission, validation, distribution, and review of data and document deliverables. A data centric “digital twin” of the facility can be viewed and navigated to locate relevant data and documentation in context. Electronic workflows, distribution rules and subscriptions ensure the correct and consistent review of deliverables with auditable traceability. In turn, this reduces project costs, time to completion and risk.

Shaping smart change has never been more important

For the first time in history, it’s possible for companies to unlock and harness the full potential of their data. This is the real promise of IoT, and this is where Hexagon is doing its greatest work — shaping smart change.

Autonomous Connected Ecosystem ACE

This partner content is brought to by Hexagon PPM. To see how HxGN SDx™ Projects can digitally transform your asset lifecycle, download the whitepaper here. For information on all of Hexagon PPM’s solutions, visit

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