$12 million Tablelands Highway upgrade contract awarded

The Northern Territory Tablelands Highway upgrade $12 million contract has been awarded. 

The contract, which will progressively strengthen and widen the highway, was awarded to Aldebaran Consulting. 

Aldebaran Consulting will upgrade 13km of the Tablelands Highway to a new seven-metre seal.

The upgrades are being delivered in stages, with the first stage of 15.5km completed in July 2019.

A further 13km is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2019, weather permitting.

This project is jointly funded by the Australian ($9.7 million) and Northern Territory ($2.4 million) Governments, forming part of a combined $25 million project which will upgrade 32km of the Tablelands Highway.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, Michael McCormack, said, “These works are making the Tablelands Highway safer and more reliable, with additional safe passing opportunities and a widened pavement reducing the risk of vehicle roll over and run off crashes.

“Making the road a smoother and safer drive will also have immense flow-on benefits for freight operators, improving the region’s freight capacity and efficiency.”

Northern Territory Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, Eva Lawler, said, “These works are supporting more than 60 local jobs and creating further opportunities for the Barkly beef industry, mining, and tourism in the Territory.

“Our targeted improvements to the Tablelands Highway to support local pastoralists, mining, tourism, and local communities will create a safer road environment for all – reducing road restrictions that would normally apply for months of the year.”

Senator for the Northern Territory, Sam McMahon, said, “These works will improve connectivity for a range of local communities, who rely upon this road for supplies throughout the wet season, making wet season closures less common and less imposing on the community.

“The Tablelands Highway is a major connector for pastoral properties and the cattle industry – this project is easing pressures on our agricultural industry while securing the long-term commercial interest of the Territory.”

Northern Territory Member for Barkly, Gerry McCarthy, said, “This project is one of many happening across the Territory, creating more local jobs and supporting local industries and communities.

“We recently completed a fifteen kilometre stretch of the Tablelands Highway making it more reliable and safer in the Territory.”

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