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Managing and controlling project documentation is now even easier with the recent release of two new modules for InEight® Document. The Vendor Data and Document Drive modules help maximize efficiency and communication. InEight Document is a game-changer when it comes to collaborative document control.

InEight Document, the premier document management and control solution now includes a vendor data module and document drive functionality designed to help you better administer your project documentation control processes.

The vendor data module allows contractors to manage the vast quantities of deliverables associated with vendor contracts. This module provides a single source for handling your contracts and the related line item deliverables and documents associated with tracking vendor deliverables assuring teams never lose control.

Teams can easily create placeholders for expected vendor deliverables by contract and item, then review and track the submitted documents, all the while keeping information in one location to easily track overall project progress.

InEight Document

Document Drive provides construction professionals a streamlined tool for uploading, downloading, tracking and viewing project documents and photos. Document Drive is embedded directly into Microsoft File Manager and integrates with Microsoft OneDrive.

You can schedule the download of current project documents enabling easy offline access and storage. You can also automatically synchronize documents between Document Drive and Microsoft OneDrive for seamless file transfer.

Dan Hicks, Chief Operating Officer, InEight, said, “For any project involving interconnected pieces of machinery and complex sequencing, success requires all vendor deliverables to be received, reviewed, approved and stored appropriately to reduce potential delays.

“Organisations in the construction business need document control technology that improves the contractor’s ability to increase efficiency and communication. By intelligently connecting every aspect of your project to a digital process you are able to execute your plan and meet time, budgetary, safety and regulatory requirements.”

As the flagship software application formerly known as TeamBinder, InEight Document is now part of a larger portfolio of construction project management software that streamlines planning and execution of all phases of the capital project life cycle.

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This partner content is brought to you by InEight. Built on a history of construction and engineering excellence, InEight helps companies visualize, estimate, manage, control and connect all aspects of their projects. The company combines technology with a unified vision, delivering actionable insights and proven project certainty to more than 300,000 users and 750 businesses.

With configurable, modular and field-tested solutions, InEight delivers the visibility and control required for on-budget and on-time project completion. InEight is an ISO 27001-registered company and a subsidiary of Kiewit Corporation (Kiewit). Through its subsidiaries, Kiewit is one of North America’s largest and most respected construction and engineering organizations.

To learn more about InEight Document or any InEight construction project management software, visit the InEight website at

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