Inland Rail reaches milestone with Parkes trackwork completed

The Inland Rail project has reached an important milestone with the trackwork near Parkes now complete. 

Inland Rail CEO, Richard Wankmuller, said this is evidence of the improved connectivity, productivity and economic activity delivered by Inland Rail.

“This historic link is a vital connection to the Inland Rail spine and the east-west network to Perth. 

“What was a greenfield site now accommodates this significant rail connection that will be handed over in the coming weeks to become operational. In the second quarter of next year, we anticipate it will also link into the Parkes to Narromine line.

“Connectivity is one of the crucial benefits of Inland Rail on a local, regional, national and international scale, and this link is just the start of the connections Inland Rail will forge along its 1700km route between Melbourne and Brisbane.

“People can start to see how Inland Rail will link into other rail networks and facilitate the movement of products more efficiently and at a lower cost, which is a boon for producers, consumers and the Australian economy.”

The North West Connection is part of Inland Rail’s Parkes to Narromine project, and Mr Wankmuller said construction on this part of Inland Rail is continuing to provide opportunities and an economic boost for local communities.

“At the end of July, about $24.5 million had been spent with local businesses.

“Around 72 local businesses have supplied to the project, about 700 people have worked on the project, of whom about 280 are local, and last month a peak daily workforce of 598 was recorded.

“Around the Central West region, the range of businesses tapping into the flow of work from Inland Rail involved concrete supply, transportation, fencing, earthmoving, drainage, electrical works, security and geotechnical services. 

“This is what we can expect to be replicated along the length of Inland Rail as the different projects making up the corridor progress into construction.”

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