Darwin International Airport to commence security upgrades

The Darwin International Airport (DIA) will commence major security upgrades with the installation of advanced Computed Tomography (CT) checked baggage and passenger screening systems.

DIA will be the first Australia airport to install the new screening equipment which provides enhanced capabilities whilst maximising passenger throughput.

Acting CEO of NT Airports, Ross Baynes, said, “We have always prioritised safety and security; we want to keep our customers safe, ease their transition through our airport and provide peace of mind for everyone.

“Our airport will be equipped with cutting-edge security technology on par with the best airports internationally. This will not only lead to fewer physical bag searches, but greater ease for passengers passing through our screening points.”

While works are being carried out, the main security screening point in the terminal will be closed until mid-December. During this period, passenger security screening will take place at the alternative security screening point located on the ground floor at the eastern end of the terminal.

“We anticipate there will be minimal disruption to passengers whilst we carry out the security equipment upgrades, as the alternative eastern screening point offers the same capabilities and number of lanes as the main screening point,” Mr Baynes said.

The installation of the advanced CT screening equipment is just the beginning in a series of major upgrades planned for Darwin International Airport in the next twelve months.

The next phase of works, anticipated to commence mid-January 2020 will see the installation of self-service check-in kiosks and auto bag drops. 

The self-service automation equipment is designed to reduce queues by increasing speed and operational efficiency, resulting in an improved customer experience.

“Following the installation of the self-service check-in kiosks and auto bag drops, we will start work on fitting four new state-of-the-art aerobridges,” Mr Baynes said.

“Overall, we will be spending circa $30 million in the next twelve months in upgrades to our airport terminal to improve safety, security and efficiency for the travelling public.”

The advanced CT checked baggage and passenger screening systems will also be installed at Alice Springs Airport, with works anticipated to start in February 2019.

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